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Welcome to Whidbey Island

Nestled in the embrace of Puget Sound, Whidbey Island is a picturesque tapestry of small communities, each with its own unique allure. From the quaint, artsy vibes of Langley to the historic charm of Coupeville, this island offers an eclectic mix of serene rural landscapes and vibrant cultural scenes. A stone's throw away from the bustling city life of Seattle, Whidbey Island is a haven for those seeking a luxurious yet laid-back lifestyle.

Freeland, the commercial heart of South Whidbey Island, is a microcosm of this idyllic setting. Just a short drive from major ferry terminals and accessible via free transit, it's the perfect blend of convenience and tranquility. With its community-focused spirit, Freeland epitomizes the welcoming nature of the island. Whether it's for a weekend getaway or a permanent relocation, this island offers a unique experience that combines the sophistication of urban living with the charm of rural life.


What to Love

  • Scenic Beauty: From lush forests to stunning waterfronts, Whidbey Island is a visual feast.
  • Community Spirit: Tight-knit communities like Langley and Clinton foster a sense of belonging.
  • Cultural Richness: A haven for artists and performers, offering a vibrant arts scene.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Endless opportunities for hiking, boating, and wildlife watching.
  • Local Festivals: Celebrate America’s largest fireworks display south of Oak Harbor and other year-round events.


Local Lifestyle

Life on Whidbey Island is an exquisite balance of relaxation and activity. Here, each day can start with a peaceful walk along the shores of Clinton’s 25 miles of coastline, followed by a visit to one of the many family-owned businesses nestled in the heart of the island's lush woods. The island’s lifestyle is defined by its connection to nature, from birdwatching at Greenbank Farm to exploring the historic landmarks of Coupeville. Residents take pride in their close-knit communities, where local government and civic engagement are deeply valued. This lifestyle is not just about enjoying the island's natural beauty but also about being an integral part of a community that cherishes its heritage and looks forward to a sustainable future.


Dining and Entertainment

Dining on Whidbey Island is a journey through diverse and exquisite culinary landscapes. In Freeland, the local cuisine reflects the community's spirit, offering everything from casual eateries to upscale dining experiences. The island's historical richness is mirrored in its food scene, with restaurants housed in buildings steeped in history, offering a taste of local and international flavors.

Langley elevates dining to an art form, blending the small-town atmosphere with trend-setting eateries. The town's vibrant marina serves as a picturesque backdrop for waterfront dining, where fresh, locally sourced seafood is a staple. Here, the culinary experience is complemented by the presence of resident artists and performers, adding a unique cultural flavor to every meal.

Entertainment on the island is as diverse as its dining options. The 250-seat performing arts center in Langley showcases both local and world-class talent, offering a cultural feast for the senses. The community’s engagement in arts and festivals infuses life on the island with an energy that is both invigorating and inspiring. Whether it’s a live performance at the arts center or a quiet evening enjoying the natural beauty of the island, entertainment here is always an enriching experience.


Things to Do

Whidbey Island is a treasure trove of activities for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The island's state parks, including Ft. Casey and Ft. Ebey, offer a gateway to the great outdoors. Here, you can immerse yourself in activities like hiking, bird watching, or simply relaxing amidst the breathtaking landscapes. The parks are not just recreational spaces but also custodians of the island's natural beauty and wildlife.

For those seeking a more cultural experience, the island's historic landmarks and local festivals offer a glimpse into its rich heritage. The Coupeville Wharf and Admiralty Head Lighthouse are not just historical sites but also centers of community life, hosting various events throughout the year. These landmarks are a testament to the island's commitment to preserving its history while embracing the present.



Education on Whidbey Island is catered to by the South Whidbey School District, known for its commitment to academic excellence and community involvement. The schools here are more than just educational institutions; they are a central part of the community, reflecting the island's values of inclusivity and mutual support. With a focus on holistic development, the schools provide a nurturing environment for students to grow academically and personally.


Welcome to Bainbridge Island

Just a 35-minute ferry ride from Downtown Seattle, Bainbridge Island is a world apart. This 27-square-mile oasis combines historical richness, a unique blend of sophistication and simplicity, with breathtaking beauty. Bainbridge Island's Downtown, a nationally accredited historic main street, is just a short walk from the ferry. Here, you'll find a diverse selection of locally-owned shops and restaurants offering an array of experiences, from wine tasting to water adventures like diving and kayaking.


Bainbridge Island's "one-stop-shop" for accommodations, Destination Bainbridge, caters to a variety of needs, whether it's a cottage in the woods, a downtown condo, or a beachside retreat. The island is a vibrant community rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. It boasts a combination of farms, wineries, hiking trails, scenic vistas, and a thriving local arts scene. The island charm is palpable in Winslow, the town center, known for preserving its small-town charm and natural environments amidst growth.


What to Love

  • Historic Downtown: Experience the charm of a historic main street with a variety of shops and dining options.
  • Natural Beauty: Lush green spaces, stately trees, scenic bays, and stunning mountain views.
  • Artistic and Cultural Spirit: Encouraged by opportunities for environmentally sound businesses and home occupations.
  • Gastronomic Delights: A foodie paradise with globally inspired fare and local culinary delights.
  • Community Focus: Strong emphasis on arts, farms, and active nonprofit organizations.


Local Lifestyle

Life on Bainbridge Island is a harmonious blend of country living with convenient access to Seattle's urban resources. Residents value their community's artistic, cultural, and entrepreneurial spirit, evident in the over 2,000 businesses, especially along Winslow Way, Lynwood Center, Rolling Bay, and Island Center. The island's commitment to preserving green spaces, parks, and trails adds to its appeal, making it a sanctuary for those who appreciate natural beauty and a strong sense of community.


Dining and Entertainment

Bainbridge Island's culinary scene is as diverse as it is impressive. Breakfast lovers will adore spots like The Streamliner Diner and The Madison Diner, known for their in-house muffins, biscuits, and classic American breakfasts. For lunch, Thuy’s offers fresh Vietnamese cuisine, Teriyaki Town serves sizable portions of delicious Chinese food, and Emme’s Vege House is a hit for creative vegetarian fare.


The island's happy hour and dinner scenes are equally vibrant. Eleven Winery features an array of wines, Fletcher Bay Winery and Eagle Harbor Wine Company offer cozy tasting experiences, and San Carlos Mexican restaurant is known for its handcrafted margaritas. For dinner, Agate Restaurant provides a romantic atmosphere with Northwest fare, Hitchcock delivers inventive Northwestern cuisine, and Restaurant Marché has been recognized for its romantic setting and exquisite Pacific Northwest dishes.


Things to Do

Bainbridge Island is a treasure trove for both nature enthusiasts and culture aficionados. Explore the outdoors with wineries, hiking trails, and scenic vistas. The arts are celebrated at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, which offers free admission and showcases Puget Sound artists. The island's small-town feel is complemented by a rich array of local events, providing endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.



The educational landscape on Bainbridge Island is reflective of the community's commitment to quality and enrichment. The schools here are known for their excellent education and supportive environment. This focus on education, combined with the island's natural beauty and rich cultural scene, makes Bainbridge Island an ideal location for families seeking a holistic and enriching lifestyle.


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