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Welcome to West Seattle and South King County

Where City Conveniences Meet Small-Town Charm

Welcome to West Seattle, with its unique blend of urban living and a small-town feel, perched on the westernmost point of Seattle. Renowned for its historic significance marked by the Denny Party landing in 1851, West Seattle has evolved into a self-sufficient neighborhood with easy access to the rest of Seattle. Its residents enjoy a mix of big-city conveniences and beautiful natural landscapes, from beaches and parks to a thriving dining scene.

Burien, located just south of West Seattle, complements this blend by extending the community spirit and offering its distinct vibe. With water on three sides, West Seattle is connected to downtown Seattle and SODO and extends south to meet Burien, forming a large and diverse neighborhood. Both areas boast stunning views, easy access to amenities, and a community-oriented lifestyle.

What to Love

  • Historic Charm and Modern Amenities: A mix of history and modern conveniences in an urban setting.
  • Natural Beauty: Breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound, and lush parks.
  • Vibrant Food Scene: From casual eateries to fine dining, the neighborhoods offer a rich culinary experience.
  • Community Feel: A strong sense of community with neighborhood hubs and local events.
  • Outdoor Lifestyle: Easy access to beaches and outdoor activities, perfect for nature enthusiasts.

Local Lifestyle

West Seattle residents enjoy a lifestyle that's both relaxed and connected. The community cherishes its independent spirit, evident in its neighborhood hubs like The Junction, where shopping, dining, and local concerts abound. Here, life moves at a more leisurely pace, with residents often seen enjoying the outdoors or engaging in community events. The lifestyle in West Seattle is ideal for those who appreciate a balance between the hustle of the city and the tranquility of a beach town.

Dining and Entertainment

The dining scene in West Seattle is a delightful mix of flavors and experiences. The Junction, the area's downtown, is a hotspot for food enthusiasts, offering everything from gourmet tap beers at The Beer Junction to sweet treats at Bakery Nouveau. For a more casual dining experience, Pegasus Pizza near Alki Beach offers homemade pizzas with a scenic ocean backdrop. Entertainment options are diverse, ranging from local concerts to community events, ensuring there's always something exciting happening in the neighborhood.

Things to Do

West Seattle offers a plethora of activities for residents and visitors. Alki Beach is a popular destination, especially in the summer, for its sandy beach, bonfires, and stunning views. The neighborhood's high point provides panoramic views of the city and surrounding nature. Meanwhile, Hamilton Lookout Park and other local parks offer serene spots for relaxation and family outings.


Both West Seattle and Burien are known for their commitment to education, with a range of public schools that are well-regarded for their dedication to teaching and community involvement. West Seattle, in particular, is noted for its excellent elementary schools. The neighborhoods encourage active participation in local schools, fostering a supportive environment for students.


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